The following article has been translated into English through the collaboration of Xavier Bartlett, the Assistant Editor of DOGMACERO magazine, and Mark Grant, an independent Canadian researcher, blogger and  author of  A Tale of Two Synchronicities – Mapping Hidden Event Horizons.

Based on an earlier article written in Spanish, it concerns the full story of the now-famous ‘Atacama Being’, which was showcased in the recent documentary film Sirius.   The original piece was written by David Alvarez, an independent researcher, expert in ufology, and managing editor of DOGMACERO.   It was based on Mr. Alvarez’s interview with Ramón Navia-Osorio Villa (Mr. Navia), who had been working with the ‘Atacama Being’ for several years prior to the release of Sirius.


On April 24, (2013) the documentary Sirius premiered.  It was directed by Amardeep Kaleka (winner of a 2010 Emmy) and inspired by the work of Dr. Steven Greer and the Disclosure Project team. This film was dedicated to revealing the reality that is behind the so-called UFO phenomenon and the possible cover-up by various governments around the world, and especially the government of the United States.

This well-funded work, of excellent manufacture in the purest “Hollywood” sense, documented the work carried out by Dr. Greer and his team to uncover what governments know about alleged contacts with civilizations of non-terrestrial origin.  For years, the Disclosure Project has been working to make the international public aware of the importance of this issue. Leer más